Noisy Hard Drive



So, the 40GB HDD that’s in my machine is so noisy i have to turn it off in order to go to sleep at night. I know how to replace them, as i have been fixing them for years now, but now i’'m confused. I found an old 80gb HDD lying around that is brand new (still in ESD bag) and check it on my computer. Not even formatted. It’s RAW. So i put it in (i know it will only see it as a 40) but i can’t even get the thing going. It won’t let me format it or anything. All i get is that circle icon that keeps moving and a black screen. The jumpers are set for master, and i even tried cable select.

What am i doing wrong? should i format the drive to FAT32? i know that’s not what it uses, but im lost.

any help would be appreciated. The model number is a Panasonic DMR-HS2 (their first, i know)


I don’t really want to buy another 40, since i have this one laying here, and it’s free. Could the HDD possibly be just too damn big?


These drives are usually proprietary, often even keyed to that specific machine. Maybe someone will pop in here that knows more about this one, but don’t get your hopes up too high.


The drives aren’t proprietary, they’re all Maxtors. I’ve done this with other machines and they worked fine, but maybe since it’s the first one it acts differently to the others.


Well, since you’re already an expert, I’ll leave you to it. :rolleyes:



I’m not sure I said anything that warranted a sarchastic response such as that, but okay. :slight_smile:

Unless it’s not sarchastic, in which i apologize.


Maybe the new HD is faulty…


It might not be the case but I have read various articles that seemed to suggest that you had to replace the drive with one of equal size - these were old threads and I forget the forum I read them on, but they certainly related to the earlier HDD models (<2004).
There could possibly be another option - the other set of jumpers that might be on your 80gig drive to make it think it’s a 32gig for compatibility with old PC’s - check out the technical specs of your 80gig drive on the manufacturers website for details. Good luck.