Noisy drive in playback

I’m burning DVDs with DVD Decrypter and an ND 3550A. If I slow the burn process down to 1X, will that make the drive run quieter during playback?

How noisy can it be now. You can actually hear it over the system fans?
WOW :confused:

And no burning speed won’t.

I remember seeing a post about noise and some way to reduce it during playback. Can you change drive speed? Believe me, I’m searching for info on this too. I could use just a hint to point me in the right direction. Thanks.

Nero has a playback speed reduction(but I also think its for cd only) I think a few others may. But im not sure if the settings stay in the drive after setting.

Is it a newly installed drive? or the stock drive and this is a new problem?

You can use AnyDVD to set the drive speed to slow and quiet - very good for playback (I have an external Sony 710 than when running at full speed sounds like a jet engine!) - it has also helped me rip a few discs as my drive will not rip ARccOS protected discs at full speed. This setting does not have any effect on the writting speed (certainly when used with CloneDVD2 - I can’t confirm this with any other burning software)

LOL, I can hear my LiteOn (with KC4B FW) over my system fans (plus two extra side mounted ones!)…mainly when reading CDs though, sounds like an aircraft taking off. :bigsmile:

Doesn’t bother me, I don’t mind noisy PCs.

As others have said, burn speed won’t effect the speed when you are playing the disk. The only thing that that I have noticed when playing dvd’s on the computer is that spin up noise (I’m guessing that it is the read buffer reading ahead or a minor reading problem). Nero can control the drives speed and in fact the icon is called “control drive’s speed”. It is not just for cd either. Just be aware, this setting can be semi static. If you do not set it back, it could later interfere with fast ripping etc. As mentioned, anydvd also has a similar function (and there are probably other programs to control a drives max speed). I wouldn’t set the speed to 1x though. If there are any read read problems the drive will have to catch up and I’m guessing that many player softwares read ahead and buffer the video a bit too. I’m betting if you set it for around 5-6x, it will be plenty quite.

I Agree cd’s sound like a wirlwind in there but there spinning a whole bunch faster. I thought I read in here that when you play a dvd it’s actually only going at something like 1X. Ripit: I did not know if the nero speed control worked on both kinds of discs. I never used it, just knew it was there. K