Noisy downloads from allofmp3

I recently started downloading from I noticed that on some albums quite a few tracks contain clicks. I’ve heard some people claim that they’ve had similar problems, while others say they’ve never had any problems.

I would like to know what encoding methods other prople are using and if they have had any problems. I’ve been encoding ogg files at the highest bitrate so I think I should be getting good quality files.

I’ve also noticed that in the settings there is an option for the Max number of errors per thread (set to 3). Does anyone know if that could be the source of by troubles?

Thanks in advance

u want us to help with u with illegal stuff? ha!

As far as I can tell it is legal. You could make a good argument over its morality though.

yea, u could but if u didn’t mention the website, which contained illegal mp3s, and said u downloaded something like free distributable mp3s but really no one cares, so yea…


@vdk_au: As far as i know is the allofmp3 service legal. It is operated under the law of russia (where it looks like all is legal… :wink: ). I would assume that (at least) the cd making companies in us would try to sue the downloaders of allofmp3 in us or to close down allofmp3. But they do it not. Why? Probably because they cannot shut down the server or sue legal downloaders. As far as i know they (allofmp3) give a percentage of the download fee to the russian riaa as a compensation for the artists. Ok, its a very little compensation but you’ve to think about the average russian income (as allofmp3 is an russian company). 50$ for 5 GB is not much for us. But in russia it’s sometimes a month income!

Furthermore: Take me as example. I download a lot from allofmp3, listen to the music and if i don’t like it i throw it away (You can to that if a complete album is about $1). And the few (about 15-20%) albums i like i try to download more of them (or buy them in a store because album is not available at allofmp3). So in average i pay about $5 for a album i like and keep + some albums bought at the store.

@ryansmells: Clicks: I’ve had them in one album and i got after a complaint about it a refund for the whole album. On other albums i think that i hear a very low/silent click but they are so hard to hear that i accept it (at least in my car is in not audible… ;))