Noisy 401s

I built a multimedia PC with 401s used for reading/writing. Right now I use it mostly for reading. I noticed that drive is very quiet when plays DVDs and VCDs. When I play divx movies it seems to be much louder and seems to be rotating CDR at the maximum speed. I don’t think it is necessary for reading divx movies to have a rotational speed that high. Is there any way to limit reading speed and make drive quieter?

AnyDVD can slow down the speed of the drive umong other things :smiley:
Check the 21 day trial to see if it helps and let us know.

I don’t think think this will work. Actaually drice is pretty quiet playing DVDs. I only have noise problem with data CDs when playing DivX movies. I wander if there is a firmware trick that can limit drive’s max RPMs for reading CDs only.

There are two tools available to slow down your drive:


get it at

and Nero DriveSpeed (included in the Nero Toolkit).

I have registered CD-Bremse and can highly recommend this tool.