Noisy 2510 when drive is empty

every time i close my newly purchased oem 2510a, the drive when empty attempts to read anything that is in the tray, and when doing so i hear 3 clicks and the green light comes on.

are these clicks normal? anyone else get this?

Yes and yes! :wink:

attempts to read anything that is in the tray

Stop putting tortillas in that drive! There’s whole threads around here about NEC’s clicking. Personally, I think it’s more of a cluck-cluck-cluck sound, like my mom used to do when she disapproved of me. :sad: You think maybe my drive doesn’t like me?

LOL, cluck-cluck? Are you trying to burn a chicken in there Rd ?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this clicking something only the NEC drives do, or does this also happens with for instance Plextor. I am doubting between those 2 brands and I don’t know if I like to hear clicking noise all the time, so maybe the Plextor would be a better choice then?

OK, let’s think about it:

What is more important: A “click” that is near the frontier to be recognized unless you put your ear next to the drive, or writing quality on DVD media?

If you find the answer choose your drive :stuck_out_tongue:


What do you mean? I think all drives like Plextor, NEC have good writing quality, not? But could perhaps anybody explain what those “clicks” are about. If your drive is going to make 3 clicks everytime it’s empty I suppose this must become annoying after a while, or aren’t they that audible (I suppose they are otherwise the original poster wouldn’t have mentioned this). What exactly are those clicks certain people complain about? Do all drives have like Plextor etc… have this?! I am new to DVD writers, therefore my question…


Plextor drives burn well with the recommended media only (TY and MCC and perhaps a few pricey ones) while cheaper media only produces crap with it. The NEC is (this is what I experienced) far better with most media!

I wouldn’t have recognized the clicking noise, if it hasn’t been mentioned here! I had to put my head directly in front of the drive to hear it. Normally my distance to the drive is about 50cm and I can’t hear it then.


My burning hardware:

NEC ND-2500A (@TDK 880N 1.34)
Plextor PX-708A (1.07)