Noisiest NEC 3520a on the Planet

Does anyone have a similar problem to this…

Whenever I stick a disc in the drive be it CD or DVD the drive spins up and then it sounds like its not seated properly on the motor head and is rattling around inside like some demented washing machine…windows can then not read the disc and I have to eject.

It used to do this occassionally but now seems to do it more often - the drive is less than a week old I’m using the 1.24 firmware.

Any thoughts?

that doesn`t sound good at all! i have a nec 3500 and that barely makes a noise, only realy hear it when its burning a dvd at 12X or 16X.

i would contact the supplier and discus RMAing the drive.

Could be warped/bad media and/or bad burner. Try brand new quality media.

I agree with the previous posters, try different discs and, failing that, I would try to RMA the drive. I would add that you should also check to see if the drive is secured properly in your enclosure. Could be unbalanced discs, drive not installed securely in the case, or physical defect with the drive. I had a Pioneer DVD-ROM once that came with one of the three legs that anchor the optical / spindle assembly to the plastic chasis severed clean. When I turn the drive upside down I could hear a big THUNK. Unbelievable headache with that drive.

Thanks for all the responses.
I don’t believe its the media, I feel its a faulty drive.

I was trying to read TDK branded DVD-R media recorded by someone else. Its been making a racket ever since I bought it, though it was working initially. I think perhaps it may have been damaged in transit and then normal use has sealed its fate.

I’ve had to go back to my Sony DRU530A which doesn’t bitset for DVD+R :sad: