Noise Problem with LH-18A1P

Hi all,
I just purchased a Liteon LH-18A1P as a replacement for my old HP that was having problems reading game disks, and cannot believe how NOISY it is. Is this normal? When reading the disk it sounds as if it will spin off into outer space. Is it possible to turn down the read (disk) speed to get it to stop making so much noise? Or is it possible to perhaps mount something around the burner to quiet it down?
Any help with be appreciated…

Thanks in advance,

Yea, mine is incredibly loud too. Sounds like airplane taking off…especially during ripping.
I think the 18A1P is the loudest drive I have ever own, but it does the job well.

You can get louder speaker :slight_smile: or try nero drive speed to slow it downn, but then it ll load games slower

Damn, I was hoping it was a mounting type problem. Does anyone know if the ‘lite’ version of Nero included with it has the speed tool?
Thanks for the feed-back…

My LH-18A1P was noisy as well when I first used it especially when it was ripping. But after I crossflashed the drive to the Benq 1800 firmware it’s not as noisy but it does vibrate when burning. I may have to use rubber grommets to cut down the vibration noise.

How noisy is the drive compared to a NEC 3500A. That’s if you can remember how loud the NEC 3500A drive was while burning.

At least in my rig it is much louder and above all it produces a lot more vibrations than my NEC 3500.

Thanks for the info, the NEC-3500 is a loud drive. Vibrations!! there is no use for that around fragile pc componments. Take your drive back as unfit for use, maybe a bad batch. Worse if they are all like that.

I have both in my machine, (the 3500 still burns better than any other drive I have found) and the LiteOn is much louder.

Agree the 3500 is an excellent drive, i bought two LG drives just before the 3500. One is dead one is alive very little used, as read speed is slooooow rip-locked.

The 3500 i have used continously forever now it still burns like day one. A1++ results using the most recent stock fw.

As have a few pcs looking to buy a few more drives. Now the LG range have no RipLock may buy one just to test the burns results for myself. I was thinking LiteOn but they are in such as mess right now i give them a miss for a few years. Maybe look again next time at LiteOn when i need high desity optical drives, if they still around.