Noise problem: Pioneer BDC-202BK



I hope somebody can help me with my Pioneer BDC-202BK problem. It sounds like it runs at maximum speed and not variable speed, so just trying to watch a movie is a challenge.
Is the drive broken? Or would a firmware update fix the problem, as the latest firmware does not specify the problem as included?
I would rather not update the firmware if I have to return the drive but then, I would much rather have the problem fixed and keep the drive :iagree:

I’m running Microsoft Windows Vista 32 bit SP1 on a Asus P5E-VM HDMI motherboard and the Pioneer drive is a SATA drive.

I’ll appreciate any help. TIA

[Link to the drive](


Try with nero drivespeed or cdbremse.


Thx for the reply. I installed CDBremse, Nero 8 and AnyDVD and nothing worked. 12x speed is the only option, so I guess I’ll have to wait while Pioneer writes up a new firmware :frowning: