Noise levels of a 760a vs 716AL

Yo Freaks,

I am a silent computer enthusiast. fanless psu, water cooled cpu and vid card by Zalman (silent), 1 120mm fan on the read undervolted… virtually silent system. I own a pioneer 109 model, it has a rubber encasement around it. I used their firmware level silent drive program to limit its speeds. It is SUPER quiet when it plays dvd’s for movie watching. I do burn home movies and convert amateur filmwork to dvd.

I know there is a 111 version of pioneer, but I remember back when i purchased my 109 that there was the crap version that had no rubber encasement and was like 2x as loud in general. I am guessing the new 111 is like that as well. Mine was a 130 dollar version.

Well, I want to get a plextor this time around on account of this pioneer dying after a 1 1/2 years of ownership, light use and it not reading retail cd’s out of the box that were pressed like a few months ago.

Which would you buy: a 760a or a 716AL

I like the slot load thing, its slick. 8mb cache is cool. (supposedly does very little but why not? q-check looks useless for me.

any suggestions?

money is not a concern.


You can adjust the reading speeds with Plextools on both drives. If you don’t feel the ultimate need to own a slot loading DVD burner go for the 760. It has better burning quality with 16x burning and will have longer firmware support.

Hm! Ok. maybe I should do that then. you own both I see. Either of them quieter than the other or not really?

8mb vs 2mb = no difference to you?

I agree; The 760 is better.

Noise-wise, not that much difference - Both are ultra loud at full speed, but knock it down a few notches and you can barely hear them :slight_smile:

Cache size hasn’t made much noticable difference in BURNProof burn quality. Low-speed burns without BURNproof on are a lot less stable on the 760A but I guess you’d expect that.
TBH, at high-speeds, 8MB or 2MB doesn’t make much difference - It’s the BURNproof stuff that really matters.

The better build quality of the 760A is more of a factor than the cache size anyway; With the 716s you had to be lucky to get a decent one. A lot of people had problems with bad batches… Not sure what it’s like now…

Hm, thank you much :slight_smile:

yeah i hear bad stuff about 716’s being faulty, hit or miss type of deal. shame, the slot loader is pimp.

ill go and snag a 760a this week then.