Noise level?

Hi all, i am looking at getting an agp geforce 6600gt card of some kind and wonder if anyone can tell me have they a low noise level, i currently run a geforce fx 5600 and it is quite noisy at times.
The pc is in the kids bedroom and if possible the quieter the card the better as one goes to bed earlier than the other.
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Most reviews I’ve seen report that it’s relatively quiet, but that depends on who manufacturers the card. One person’s quiet is another’s racket.

A million dollars here, a million dollars there, pretty soon were talking real money…

thanks for the reply pipemanid, has anyone any idea of names of companies that might do a quiet card.

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my ati radeon 9600se is has no fan and makes zero noise…

Matrox Millenium P650 – no fan – so no noise

you could get a Gainward and utilize ExpertTool which dynamically controls the fan speed depending on load and temp.

Also no DX9 support, limited 3D support and only 64 MB of memory onboard. A great card for multiple displays but driver supports precludes MCE 2005 and Linux. I like mine but they’re not for everyone.

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The nvidia reference cooler is good. It’s pretty quiet for how good it cools, I don’t think it will be heard over the PSU fan. I know gigabyte makes a passively cooled heatpipe 6600GT model. I dunno if it cools good enough though. I’ve seen a couple other heatpipe cards, I think albatron makes one. MSI has a litle different cooler on theirs, and it’s supposed to be good too. I put a jetart jacsh1 heatsink on my 6600GT, and it’s really quiet. Plus it cools waaaayyy better than the stock heatsink, 50c load on the GPU. It’s only $20 for it, also sold as the logisys CF 206. I would avoid the newer XFX 6600GTs, they have some problems. Their new heatsink SUX too, and they don’t have temp monitoring now. Neither does MSI, but there’s a bios mod to fix that. I hear the gigabyte 6600GT is pretty good even with the fan. There aren’t a whole lot of bad ones, even a lot of the XFX ones are OK. Good luck, hope you find a good one. :iagree:

Gigabyte and MSI are known for their relatively silent cards.
If you’re that desprate about ultra silent, go for Galaxy card in the review.