Noice on blu-ray player

Usually I get vey good quality when I play my home dvd movies on my Samsung BD-P1500, but sometimes my movies has a lot of noice spesially on scenes with movements. Even on scenes with much light I get the same problem. Comercial DVD plays fine on blu-ray but not all the DVDs I make. Could be encoding problem? I use Adobe encoder and sometimes TMPGenc. to make en mpeg fil. then I use Encore or DVedit to burn my DVDs.
Is there some body who has had this problem ?:doh:

What kind of noise you are seeing? Can you elaborate?

In most cases it’s due to bad media choice

What is the brand of the DVD blanks? Can you check the MID code?

Well the noice is some kind of snow or small dots coming and going. Is very hard to explain. Any way I made some calibration on my TV and reduce the sharpness to cero. It seems to help a little but the noice is still there. I think the problem is the media tape or the viedo recorder (DV) I used wich was old( 2001 model). I dont have the problem with a 5 years old Sony DV or with my HD-C3 Sony either.

The DVD media I use are Verbatim and Sony generally without problem.

What is MID code and where can I find it?