Nod32 virus alert



I just got a virus alert after installing the demo version of veloSSD.
"probably unknown CRYPT.TSR.BOOT virus"
Is this a NOD32 false detection?


It is likely a false positive. Ideally, either someone from within the VeloSSD support group will notice this and report it to their engineers for analysis, or you may be able to contact them directly and alert them of the issue. Alternatively, you may contact the folks behind NOD32 and have them look into the software; maybe they can see if they have any way to detect the changes implemented without heuristic searches turning up an alert in this specific case.

Double alternatively, if you are still unsure, you can try another virus detection program that runs outside of Windows (to avoid conflicting with the already installed antivirus) and get a second opinion.


No one has to call any body, read this and maybe you can sleep better tonight

All you have to do is put the .exe in your white list in Nod32, remember what type of program Elitebytes is when you read the thread, which by the way is 7 years old so I really doubt this problem would arise on a Windows 7 machine but you never told us what OS you are running.


I am running Windows 7 Pro SP1 64 bits, with nod32 version 5.


Hi brdbch,
thanks for installing VeloSSD and reporting this issue to the forum.

VeloSSD was checked with AVAST, AVIRA & Kasperky.
They reported it to be virus free.
However it is known that virus scanners sometimes report false positive matches.

This is a false positive.
We will talk with the scanner company about it.
And let you know.