NOD32 Questions




I just got NOD32 cos Norton pushed me too far :a :a :a :a :a

few questions:

  1. How do i set up NOD32 so when i recieve a file on msn, NOD32 doesnt pop-up and scan it, can’t i set it to scan it but like do it in the background and not show me, but obviously if its a virus THEN pop-up.

  2. Does NOD32 scan all downloaded things that i download say from emule/azerues

  3. The little icon in the taskbar doesnt start-up at the beggininng but if i look in processes such as kpf4gui.exe are running, does this mean NOD32 is running just withoput the taskbar icon??? If i start NOD32 like from the startmenu it loads quickly up but no new processes start up so i guess it is running in the background.



You should have a couple of things running nod32krn.exe and nod32kui.exe in processes. You can set the IMON options to only act on infected files, so you will not get the messages, but it will still scan all files thet you downlaod.
Congrats on getting the best AV prog around!!


Since you have just installed this program dont forget to do a deep scan of everything you have on your pc once. I did this when I first got NOD32 and it found 3 viruses on my system that Norton (GRRRR!) missed out.


Well firstly from me also, great choice on getting NOD. Certainly the most AWESOME AV anywhere ever!

In IMon click setup and go to the Misc tab - you should find most of the options you need for alerts etc there.

Otherwise, under system tools, which must be double clicked to open the menu below, click nod32 system setup. Then what you need to do, is, in the right hand pane click setup and you should be on the general tab. Now click on the option to enable silent mode. What this will do is to only alert you to things which need user interaction.



Wow lots of help thanks :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Where do i change the options so the scan doesnt pop-up and bother me unless it found a virus.


Mine doesnt pop up, must be your MSN preferences?


Well nevermind, i am more worried about on startup there is no NOD32 in the icon tray, and i have 2 use the shortcut 2 start it. But the processes are working in the task manager when i start-up… I am protected if the icon aint in the tray???

There is really only one way 2 find out and that is to start-up and NOD32 wont be in the icon tray and download an obvious virus and see if NOD32 pops up bt i am not keen on doin that?

HOw do i get NOD32 in the tray-icon on start up???



you could drop a shortcut to the program into your startup folder


Go to program files. Open ESET folder, doubble click on “nod32kui”. that will put the Nod32 Control Center on your tray.
Good luck


I have found the problem, like with alot of things that have not been starting up the guilty program is ad-watch (part of ad-aware pro) which protects the registry from being changed messed with to stop spyware, this sadly stopped start up things being changed so nothing i installed that sed it wud start up, wud start up. Got rid of ad-watch, don’t need it. Reinstalled NOD32 and it starts up, thanks for your help guys!!!