Nocd problems with an old game



Hi and thanks for your interest,

have some trouble with an older game to let it run in nocd mode.Just bought recently a cheaper release of Rayman 2 but i can´t get it to run of my hdd without the original cd in slot.Thats so annyoing! Tried nocd fixes v1.0 but even with those its not working still prompts for original cd.It can be run in virtual drives but i like to play it without emulation.Sadly i can´t find any older fixed rayman2.exe :frowning: to use instead.

Its still has SafeDisc v1.35 (so its the same SD like it was several years ago) and i created with UnsafeDisc a new exe and also used UNCD afterwards. Still prompts for the cd.

if someone like to take a look at this problem, please PM me

thank you very much for help and ideas


The discussion of No-CD cracks is against the forum rules.


Hi KitnaIsntHappy,

i am very sorry for causing trouble…its just so annoying treating my cd drive all the time…or installing virtual drives :frowning:

okay thanks


You could always try GameJackal to play without the CD’s.