Nobody at CDFreaks going with the new Intels?

How come? The E8xxx and Q9xxx have been available up here for sometime. Just intereted in peoples thoughts. Are they so much better than the last generation of Intel’s or are they just too new, too expensive? Your thoughts?

If I had it in my budget, and didn’t have two (older) PCs that work very well, I’d certainly be giving them more than a passing glance. :wink:

I’m in! :wink:

I have a Q6600 B3 clocked at 3.2GHz / 3.4GHz (rus very hot at 3.4 but still below max). I have no need to change as they are not any faster than what I currently have.

The other drawback is that they use alot higher FSB speeds so overclocking is limited unless you buy an unlocked chip but that costs so much more its just stupid.

Too expensive for now yes
I usually wait till the next generation of stuff comes out before getting the present one.Staying one step behind.
Hopefully will have more feedback by then to know which ones to take a closer look at.


My E2180 at 3GHz is doing quite well. At the end of the year when price cuts come around I’ll think about getting a Q9450, maybe a new stepping will arrive with better oc potential, since the FSB has a wall it seems. Personally I don’t need the horsepower right now.

My current pc’s are more than capable of doing what I need them to. No need to even think about upgrading yet.

I’m still using my E6600…

When Intel G45 is released…

meh, I’m more into bang for your buck computing…I paid $40 for my brisbane and it handles everything I throw at it :slight_smile:

Since I’m running a Q6600 (G0 stepping) I’m not gonna upgrade to anything for awhile.

I think the big problem is that some people would also have to buy a new motherboard in order to support the new Intels, as they have motherboards which are either hardware-incompatible with the new 45nm processors or have no BIOS updates at all whatsoever to support the new processors even though the boards could theoretically support the new processors at hardware level. And many of those who have boards which could fully support the new processors are currently holding off on upgrading to the new Intels because they are too expensive for what performance boost they deliver over their existing, slightly older, versions.

I prefer to stay two steps behind everyone else, thus I get the good stuff cheap and I avoid all of the problems associated with the growing pains of anything new. No bugs for me.

[QUOTE=jwill427;2048966]meh, I’m more into bang for your buck computing…I paid $40 for my brisbane and it handles everything I throw at it :)[/QUOTE]

The same goes for me. I used to buy the latest CPU and came to realize it was just a colossal waste of money. Especially when there are so many other gadgets vying for my attention. Now, I typically wait until a CPU has been out for a while and buy a lower speed model and over clock the hell out of it. That usually gets me by for a couple of years until the price of newer technology becomes reasonable.

I’ve taken the plunge.

The new Wolfdale appears to run quite a bit warmer than the onlder Conroe.

While there is no real performance differences, it’s just a move that permits an enthusiast to stay current with the latest hardware, the same way an optical drive enthusiast would have multiple drives listed in his signature.

As a system builder, it is prudent for me to become intinate with the most recent technology. There is no experience like hands on.

[quote=DiiZzY;2048938]When Intel G45 is released…
I will second that DiiZzY. The new 45nm chip will be the thing that makes me upgrade.:iagree:

[QUOTE=DiiZzY;2048938]When Intel G45 is released…
//Danne[/QUOTE]I’ve been looking at some (soon to be released) M/boards with that chipset, although i’ll probably go with the P45 rather than the G45.

PC2 has a 975 chipset and the board is beginning to cause some problems, so i may put the P45 board in this PC (PC1) and put the P35 from PC1 into PC2.

I’ll probably hang on to my Q6600 and wait for a faster 45nm replacement later on. But not to long, the next Intel platform will see the Northbridge chip integrated into the CPU package (perhaps FSB clock speed locked). :sad:

There’s not really a point in going for P45 instead P35 unless you get a 1600FSB CPU as P45 are about twice as expensive as a good P35 motherboard (GA-EP35-DS3R/DS4). Seems like Gigabyte is working on a very nice G45 motherboard which probably will be the one I go for unless someone releases a better (Intel LAN).
If you value quality components you may want to consider a Q35 motherboard as it aimed for offices (Intel LAN etc).

I bought a new rig half year ago that will probably last 2+ years (since i’m mostly using it to browse the net and burn stuff).
However these new intels look indeed interesting, mainly E7200 with its OC potencial (3.2 GHz with stock voltage, max OC above 5 GHz)