No Writing Due to Bad Media Error?

I used to use clone dvd2 on my old pc with much success…brand new pc and am getting bad media errors that are keeping me from burning torrential movies…any ideas, help, suggestions?? :confused: much appreciated…wanna be…Burnin’247

We need more details.

Using Nero’s CD-DVD Speed post an image from the Disc Info tab , using your burner & blank media.
To save the image use the Floppy icon at top right & save as in PNG format & post it back here.

That’ll tell us about your burner & the media.

Yo Tim, thanks for the quick reply.

I’m using a light scribe burner, memorex dvd-r media 8x

Memorex :Z .

Anything by Memorex these days is to be avoided. So many people here have had problems with that label that you really should get something else.

I have used this media , not Memorex branded, long time ago & it was fine, but now, well who knows.

right on, thanks for the tip. Will go out and get a new stack tomorrow…any suggestions? If the new media doesn’t work as well, where should I start looking?

I’ve tried burning with copydvd, clonedvd, nero, and convertXtoDvd…nothing has worked so far.

Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden.

Easiest to find in the shops is Verbatim. Their 16x , either +R or -R, are good. Check the “Made In” . Japan is best , followed by Taiwan and lastly India. The MIB ones seem to be slightly variable in quality but most find them acceptable.

Burn these at 12x for best results. Once you’ve been able to burn one , scan it at 8x in your burner with CD-DVD Speed.

Try with a firmware update first, here’s a simple route into what’s available. Go here .
It’s possible that this could fix things for you.

Thanks for the link, though not sure which firmware to use, unfamiliar territory there…hopefully all I need is new media, will hit up BB tomorrow. Thanks for the help!

There’s only 1 listed under your burner (SHM 165P6S) firmware is

Just download , unpack & run. If it doesn’t match it won’t let you flash it. If you do this then no disc present in drive , little else running & reboot afterwards.

Well, went out and bought a 30pk of Imation and 30pk of Sony at Wal-Mart today. Tried the Imation first with the same results as the Memorex…write error due to “bad media” : Details:WriteDVD 10 11 W2.

Then I tried to burn onto the Sony DVD+R…success!! :clap: For some reason my new setup isn’t liking the Imation or Memorex so far. :confused: But now I have a new problem…after trying to play the dvd on my dvd player I get a message that says, “Playing this disc is prohibited by area limits”. :doh: What to do about that?!

That’s regional coding for you. Unless your DVD Player is multi-region or the region code of the DVD matches the player or the DVD was compiled as multi-region you will get this message.

[B]OR[/B] the player doesn’t like +R media. You should set your burner to bit-set/booktype +R media to DVD-ROM.

You can and should do this permanently with the Liteon utility Smartburn. CD-DVD Speed also will do it for you.

Yeah, it’s gotta be regional coding. It is a UK production and other, more mainstream, films that I burnt using the same sony +R media have worked.

Is there a program that can take out the regional coding on various video files, ie. pre-ripped dvd’s or downloaded xvids and such?

@ Burnin’247,

Perchance are you asking Forum Members to assist you in performing illegal activities? Downloading Commercial DVD Movie Titles via Bit Torrent is illegal activity and this type of activity is against CD Freak Rules (

I believe that you need to clarify exactly what you are attempting to do and what assistance you are asking from Forum Members.

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If it’s a downloaded xvid (avi) file then there is no regional coding . For something you’ve ripped you can use DVD Decrypter (if it’s on a DVD) or DVD Shrink if it’s a DVD or an HD folder.

Hey BJKG, thank you for insight and to help clarify…i am not engaging in illegal activity nor would I ask fellow CD Freaks to help engage in such activity.

Tim, the legal video file was in xvid format and was decompressed using ConvertXToDVD. However, I do get the message from before. Is there a PAL xvid format that would prevent me from viewing in my dvd player? Thanks for all the help…peace…Burnin’

Sounds like you are trying to watch a PAL movie with a NTSC player. As for the bad disks I would say that is a issue with your liteon burner and lower end dvd-r disks. I would reccomend you use dvd+r disks for the liteons.

I guess Jamos could be right about the PAL/NTSC problem although I wasn’t aware that it would give that error message.
PAL is 25fps & NTSC avi files tend to be 23.97fps & when converted to DVD are 29.97fps. An app like Gspot is very useful for displaying the video characteristics.
ConvertXToDVD should be able to convert from PAL to NTSC.

PAL/NTSSC issues will in fact give a “region code” error message on most brands of players even though it’s really not a region issue.

the player gets confused and knows that the disc won’t play. most players aren’t programmed with ways to detect the error with enough specificity to tell you that you’ve got the wrong format. it knows that the player has a specific region and that the disc you’ve put it won’t play. even though the disc is region free (if it’s a burned disc) you’ll still get that region code error if it’s the wrong format.

the best solution is to buy a multiformat player (easier to find overseas than in the US from what I can tell…but not impossible)

another solution would be to convert formats using a program like DVDSanta, but you may not be satisfied with the results. few software programs do a satisfactory job with this type of conversion

Yo yo! Thanks for the replies everyone…much appreciated. I found the converion tab for PAL to NTSC on ConvertXToDVD and used with great success. Still learning the ins and outs to this burning thing but with the help from the community here I should have no troubles…thanks again…peace!