No wonder the Stimulus Bill from the House is $800 billion!

[QUOTE=Vic_Viper;2213641]Wow, Obama’s approval ratings being almost as low as Bush’s?

Isn’t Obama supposed to be the Messiah that would magically fix the mess Bush put this country in?

Isn’t Obama going to save the world by his very presence?

Isn’t he going to usher in a new era of responsibility and post-partisan politics?

Looks like an ordinary Chicago Machine politician to me…

In spite of this, I do hope he can do something about the economy, but I’m not holding my breath. The Senate and Congress in general appear to be in total gridlock.[/QUOTE]

I kept telling people during the election that he crawled out of the Chicago political septic tank. He rubbed elbows with ex Gov. Blagojevich for years and used Blago’s wife to get a sweetheart deal on his Hyde Park house with the help of convicted felon Tony Rezko. Obama is up to his eyeballs in slime and the press has hidden this fact for the past several years. Now that he is President, Obama can’t hide behind the rhetoric he used during his campaign. He has to produce results and also has to take responsibility for his actions/decisions. Why do you think he let Pelosi run a muck on this stimulus bill? It was because he doesn’t have a clue as to what needs to be done. He should have sent HIS bill to Congress and let them modify HIS plan. Not let the most incompetent Speaker to ever run the House of Representatives have a free hand in creating a bill that is a liberal’s wet dream of spending and special interest BS. IMO, Obama is showing himself to be incompetent, naive and mentally lazy his first two weeks in office. At this point, Congress being in gridlock is a blessing for the country.

[QUOTE=debro;2213659]Assuming the USA can afford to hold the circus in 4 years ;)[/QUOTE]

IMO, here is what will happen if Obama is a failure. The Congressional elections in two years will remove enough Democrats to let control of the House and/or Senate return to the Republicans. Then Obama will pull a Bill Clinton circa 1994 and work with Republicans to get some decent legislation past in an attempt to save his political a$$ in 2012. The combination actually worked quite well in the mid 1990s as it was the only time in the past 25-30 years we had an annual Federal budget surplus. Pelosi is dragging Obama to political ruin and he is too dumb to see it.