NO Wireless Connection

Hey all…got a problem on my Laptop…It has Windows Vista installed and It had wireless connection a few dyas ago…Now it does not connect to the wireless connection…When I run the diagnostics repair…It says it can not repair…What can I do to get my connection back on my laptop. If you need more info…ask me what you may need as I am new to this type of problem…Thanks in advance

Step one: Make sure the wireless enable button/switch is turned on.

If that isn’t the problem then go to your control panel/hardware and remove the wirless adapter, reboot the computer and let windows reinstall.

You can provide some information: Make/model of laptop.

Thanks Whappo 4 the reply

The laptop is a Toshiba Satellite…the operating system is Windows Vista Home Premium …Wireless enable button is on…orange light is on…

When entering Control Panel…where do I go to remove the Wireless adapter…In add hardware?..can not find where to do this in control panel…as stated new to this type of problem…and thanks for assistance…any futher suggestions

I’m not sure about Vista, but from the control panel you want to get to System/Hardware/Device Manager. Go to your Network Adapters and click the little plus sign. Look for your wireless adapter, right click and select Uninstall.

Ok I uninstalled the wireless network adapter via the device manager…and have rebooted the system…THANKS ALOT WHAPPO…It is now working again

Glad you have it sorted out.

I have an Inspiron 1525 that I reinstalled Vista Home Premium, and have no internet, cannot find a network, and looked in Device Manager, and no Network Adapters. Did I do something wrong during reinstallation?