No Windows XP disc with XP machine? Legal?

Hi All

I’ve heard from someone that he said that if MicroSoft do not provide the operating system disc, and you pay the full whack for it when buying the new computer, that it is illegal for them not to give me an operating system disc. Does anyone know if this is true? Reason being, I don’t think I have a proper Windows XP disc and my laptop needs reformatting, so I thought may be if I had the disc, that could help me.

Any help greatfully appreciated.

most ready-made PCs from big name brands include their own system restore disc that restores your machine to the same software config/install as it was when you received it. these discs have a copy customized copy of WinXP on it. brands like HP, Compaq, Gateway, Dell, etc. use their own branded system restore disc in place of a standard WinXP disc.

Ah yes I think that’s what I may have. I have a Toshiba notebook.

Just checked. All I have is a utilities CDROM. Can’t remember if I had a customised Windows XP disc now since it’s been so long. I’ll have to try and find it.

i think you can probably contact the place of purchase and/or Toshiba directly, provide them with the serial number of your laptop and request they send you a new system restore disc (especially if you registered the product). worth a shot at least.

What there giving you through the vendors is a license to use the software that is already installed on the machine. They are not selling you the O.S. disc. By doing this the vendors can make more money and you think your getting a cheaper deal… Unfortunately the consumer is the one that gets screwed. Whenever you buy a computer from a manufacturer you need to inquire as to whether it comes with a full OS cd or not. I wouldn’t do business with any vendor that doesn’t include one in their price. Because they are selling you only the right to use the software it is perfectly legal not to supply you with a disc.

I had a Compaq Presario that didn’t come with a restore disc or windows disc, but it did allow you to make your own restore discs. I definately didn’t like that option, but it was a lot cheaper. You can get a full XP disc from many places though like Newegg or Directron for around $89. I don’t like all the crap software that usually comes on prefab computers anyway. Too much clutter with stuff I would never use.

The worst I ever had was an emachines that had a ghost image of the xp install. That was your os disk. The only choice was to wipe the hard drive and throw the ghost image on. It’s a perfectlly legal copy too. Microsoft told me that it did not include free support from microsoft (but they would be more than happy to sell me support) and e machines told me they did not provide support for non original equipment so basically the activation crap screwed me. I had a working copy installed, but if I changed too much hardware, it wouldn’t work. If I changed the hardware back, it did work. So much for microsoft windows activation not hurting paying customers. I did actually get a free full copy from a microsoft employee (on a photograph forum of all places), but I doubt most would be so lucky.

Thanks for the replies. I was thinking of getting a Windows XP OS disc anyway. Seems like I was ‘screwed’.

Is there a Windows sticker (barcode) on the back of your PC somewhere?
That often signifies you have a legitimate install (and has a serial on it).


That is your license…

I had a thought. Does this situation not encourage bottleg production of Windows XP discs, especially if customers get ‘screwed’?

you get a license but no disc on the newer ones. on my old presario it came with the actual xp install disc, but on my moms presario they just partitioned part of the drive with a restore feature which is total bs.

It’s just when you encounter problems on your computer, the last thing you want is a BS disc which is all you have.

there’s already more than plenty bootlegged WinXP installs out there…MS actually like this (for the personal/home user) because it just increases their install base. it’s the corporate licenses where they make all their money.

have you contacted Toshiba yet?

If you have a code on the side of your machine then you can use a copy of XP yes a ‘copy’ aslong as its the version of your code so most likely your code is for XP Home, you can use a friends copy of home or get him to make a copy for you and just use your code, this is the way i do it for friends relatives who run into problems with dell/hp machines which come with a restore image, i wipe the entire drive including the restore image and just give them a slipstreamed version of XP Home SP2 and install it for them and theyre happy and theyve got a totally legit machine and copy of XP.

No. I might do what Mr Brownstone mentioned.

I have found my product recovery disc. But it’s still probably worth using a full XP disc to get rid of the customisation etc.

yeah, go with Mr. B’s suggestion if you can get your hands on a real copy of WinXP.