No widescreen recording on A760GX

My A760GX does not record widescreen - I’m guessing it is ignoring line 23 (or pin 8).

Widescreen files recorded on this machine will ALWAYS play back as 4:3 - If I force the TV to widescreen then the image is ok.
I have tried files recorded on other plays and genuine DVD’s and they play back without problems.

I am recording from a Telewest Cable box.
I have checked out the SCART cable and my 8 year old VCR sees the signal and records appropriately.

TV passthrough is fine - i.e. widescreen when it should be.
If I view the DVDR outwup whilst recording, the image is displayed correctly.

Actually your problem may lie with a well known issue with Liteon dvd recorders.

I believe the A760GX only records analogue signals.

Essentially Liteons translate analogue signals (analogue TV, RF/scart output from a VCR etc) into digital signals. Virtually all analogue sources were designed for the old 4:3 TV standard.

However, with freeview/sky boxes you can actually record a 16:9 source but the keypoint is that the freeview/sky box converts it to an analogue 4:3 signal (squeezing picture horizontally. As far as the liteon is concerned the signal is analogue and assumes 4:3.

If you examine the ifo files burnt onto a DVD by the recorder using IFOEDIT (freeware) I am sure you will see that the dvd is marked as being 4:3 format.

You can change the IFO file using IFOEDIT and mark it as 16:9 (rip to PC, change ifo file, burn new DVD). This would then work. However this is only worth it if you are going to watch the DVD many times. Seacrh forums for post of mine, I explain how to do this elsewhere.

I do not know if the same applies to a recording played back from hard disk but given the weakness in Litons for DVD recorders, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Thanks for the response.
I think you’re on the right track (apart from some of the analogue/digital stuff).
Using IFOEDIT, I see that recordings are indeed 4:3 and the resolution is detected as PAL, but the menu segments are NTSC letterbox/pan-scan which is a bit confusing.

The LiteOn appears to be incapable of recording the anamorphic trigger signal which, incidentally, is being generated correctly from the Telewest box (PACE) and my Philips VCR. I don’t have freeview or Sky so I cant comment on whether they would produce an adequate signal but I’m guessing they do.
Since this trigger is via pin-8 of the SCART or line-23 of the image-signal, I’m guessing the problem could be…
a) The unit is unaware of it and doesn’t bother.
b) The firmware is buggy and doesn’t detect it correctly.
c) LiteOn hasn’t bothered to implement it.

I just wonder if this is common on all other LiteOn models. If not, then I hope they resolve it for the A7xx range in future firmware updates.

I would be interested to hear if anyone else with a A740G/A740GX/A760G/A760GX has successfully recorded widescreen via a SCART input (on the UK model)

With pass-through on or off, the signal coming into the recorder is output to the TV correctly. It’s only the recording (HDD & DVD) which is at fault.

It’s not a major problem; I just need to force the TV to widescreen whenever I watch something I’ve recorded.

I have had this problem. I too have forced my TV into widescreen format and it works OK.
I hope the next firmware will fix this problem but I can still watch my recordings in widescreen for now. :slight_smile:

Give LiteON an email and let them know about the problem.

I filled in their online form twice now but I’ve heard nothing back. The first was over a week ago.
I’ve just sent an email directly. I’ll give them another week before I email again. I dont expect them to be very fast at responding.

More info, if anyone here is interested:
My source signal is a PACE Di1000T (Telewest/VirginMedia) cable box.
SCART cable is fully wired.

I phoned the help-line and the nice man said that it was a problem with compatability with the DVD recorder and my sony TV.
Not to sure about this but I have tried 2 diferent liteon DVD recorders and the same thing happened!

FWIW, I record through a Digital Stream STB and my 760
records, then displays HD as widescreen on my Toshiba
(SD) widescreen TV. The image doesn’t fill the screen unless
I switch the TV to Theatre Wide 1, but it is in proportion
as a widescreen image even if I don’t.

I have achieved a similar result;
With my STB set 4:3 Letterbox, the recording is still 4:3 but the STB outputs a picture with black borders top+bottom - i.e. the full output is 4:3 but the image occupies an area in the middle with a ratio of 16:9.
The image on the screen is the correct shape but tiny. If I then force the TV to 16:9, the whole thing expands and loses the top+bottom borders and the image is ok.
This, however is no better than the original situation - in fact the final viewable image is poorer quality.

I await the LiteOn response but I doubt anything will change.

I would add that with my TV, the only thing that fills
the screen in 16x9 is when the TV program is being
broadcast in HD. SD widescreen broadcasts are letterboxed,
even on my widescreen TV.

Thankyou - that confirms what I see.

I have successfully followed your guide to use IFOEDIT to convert my clips to 16:9 … thanks for posting that.

I can only copy the whole DVD to HDD and not pick out individual clips.
Q: Is there a way I extract a single clip and copy it to the HDD? maybe burn the disk another way?

The reason for asking is this …
I was wondering if I could merge a very short (black screen) 16:9 clip with a 4:3 clip and therefore get the widescreen signal back into the original recording.
The Merge feature looks like it will only merge files of similar quality, but I just wondered if I could do this to ‘fix’ my widescreen recordings.

I would rather see a firmware fix for this but I still havent heard back from LiteOn - very poor customer support - they haven’t even acknowledged my emails.

Well, I finally got an email back from LiteOn.
It said absolutely nothing about widescreen recording … it did, however, tell me how to connect the RF cable and then retune the channels !!!
At the bottom of the email was a phone number to call if this didn’t resolve the problem.

I called the number and they said they dont have email support so where did the email come from !?!?
The guy took all my details again and said he would pass it on to tech support. He then took my email address so they could respond. :frowning:

I give up ! … I’ve wasted more energy trying to resolve it than it takes to flick between 4:3 and widescreen on the TV.

I have just phoned the Lite-On Helpdesk (0207 365 2401)
After explaining about my HD-A760GX DVD Recorder not recording Widescreen (16:9) format from SCART or RF the helpdesk informed me that it couldn’t.
I also asked if any of the Lite-On range could. And he answered No.

I am sending mine back…can anybody suggest a replacement?


Liton Emailed me to confirm none of their range support this.
I asked if it was Hardware or Software - if software, could it be resolved with a firmware upgrade?

Today I got this …

“We apologize the inconvenience we bring you.
May be future firmware update could cover this issue, which is decided by
Research Development.”

If enough people ask, then maybe they’ll look at it. And hopefully on all models.