No Wave/Voice - SB Live!

hi, for some reason, if I go into Sound Recorder in Windows XP, I can’t play any files (the buttons are greyed out). I can’t record either.

I can hear them in games, and such, but can’t play wav files in sound recorder (I can in winamp).

When i go to Audio Options, under Voice Playback, the SBLive is shown but when selected, I click OK but it goes back to a blank box when i check again.

I have the universal drivers. and is on a recently formatted PC.
Any help?

Install another set of drivers?
Is this a SB Live! 5.1 card?
In that case I’d recommend you to grab the latest kX Drivers.

no, it says SB Live! [e400]

Whatever that means…

The drivers I downloaded :
Sound Blaster Live! - LiveDrvUni-Pack (English)

Have you tried any other driver?
You can find a few over at

Will try those drivers now…

I also have found out that MIDI isn’t working either.

The computer was recently repaired (motherboard and processor), so would there be something missing/forgotten when putting the sound card back in?
Just a guess…

WAV files work fine in Winamp… but not in anything else.
MIDI doesn’t work in Winamp.

System sounds don’t work either.

I’m also not sure if it is hardware causing it or software conflict/Windows.

Is there a way to test? I might try with a LiveCD session of Ubuntu.

Thee is a difference between
SB Live
SB Live 5.1
SB Live 24 Bit
why don’t u go here right to the source

Nevermind. I fixed it… with this post:

Thanks for the help