No video when using dvd rip-n-burn to go from dvd to avi

I didn’t see any tutorial for this on the forums so I was just kind of winging it. What would cause me to get a 1.3 gig .avi file that only plays audio in every media player I’ve tried (winamp, windows media, power dvd)? Thanks.

Ok i just used the guide posted on the forums for using Vidomi to encode from DVD to AVI and i got a 130k file with no video. whatever i’m doing wrong it seems to be universal. any ideas?

Maybe there is a problem with the DVD files you have. I assume they are on your HD, so what software and settings did you use to get them there?

dvd decrypter. they play back fine through powerdvd.

You should rip the Movie only using DVD Decrypter in IFO mode, is this what you did ? Also even better to rip only the video & audio track by turning on Stream Processing.

All the settings for dvd decrypter were on defaults when I used it, I’ll try what you said when I get home. Thanks.

Ok I just tried it again in IFO mode and I still don’t get any video. Rip stream and audio seperately through stream processing? How do I do that?

When in IFO mode, click on the Stream Processing tab, then tick it on. You can now tick the video & audio streams you want to extract (still in VOB file format). The final set of vob files etc cant be played by double clicking any IFO file as per ususal, but each individual VOB file can be played to check all is well. I use WinDVD 5 as my player.

Then in Vidomi, what are you selctiong? Are you using DivX or Xvid and what versions of the Codec of each have you installed?

divx 5.1.1

Okay, so you have DivX 5.1.1 installed, you make an AVI with Vidomi and you get audio only on playback with Windows Media Player (and others). Have you tried playing the same AVI on someone elses computer ? I suspect you have a codec clash/video driver problems/Windows problem/etc. Vidomi is just not possible to produce Audio only avi’s.

I just transferred it to my other computer and I still only get sound, but instead of a black empty background it’s this nasty green color. I’m lost.

Sounds like something is broken in your MPEG-4 stream or that you’re not allowing overlay. If you open it up in VirtualDub/VirtualDubMod do you get picture? If not then your file is broken somehow, try using another codec such as XviD and perhaps another program than Vidomi like VirtualDubMod.