No VIDEO_TS.VOB file - What do I do?

I don’t know what happened.

I’ve been always playing DVD’s from the hard drive. Now I want to burn them and a few won’t burn giving me an Error Message that there is no VIDEO_TS.VOB file. Sure enough, when I look, there is none.

What happened to it? Was there one? Can I rebuild it with a utility from somewhere?

Now the DVD won’t play even from the hard drive. What can I do?


There may or may not be a vob file, depending upon how the video was created. What is one of the file extensions for a file that doesn’t have a vob file?

The VIDEO_TS.VOB, in authoring terms, is used for the “first video play item” and is usually either an intro or menu. If there is no menu, then the first play should point out to the main movie.

You can use tools like IFOEDIT/VOBEDIT to fix this.

Thanks for the replies.

I have discovered a few other DVD’s on the HD without a VIDEO_TS.VOB in the VIDEO_TS folder. I tested them. Some will play and some will not play when launched using WinDVD.

Why do some of them play but not all?