No Video only sound

Ok, I had a bunch of movies on my computer, and they were taking up a large amount of space, so i burned them to a cd using nero burning rom. Just so I could save them and make more room on my computer and still have them to burn to dvd later when I bought some dvd writables. Everything went fine, I deleted the movies from my computer and put the disks away, then took them out a few weeks later to burn to dvd. Now when I try to play the movies from the disks on my computer I only get sound and the icon for the movie is yellow and has a large esclimation point on it.

Is there any way I can get it to show the picture as well as the sound?:sad:

What player are you using? Try VLC player. If it doesn’t play there, probably won’t play anywhere.

What kind of file were you trying to burn (if you remember)? Were they AVI or INF & VOB?

Easiest way is always to make new “backups” from the original sources… :slight_smile: