No Video - No Audio

Hi All. I am new to this forum and DVD writing but quite willing to learn. I have recently purchased the new NEC ND-2510A, installed it and am now having problems burning to DVD. I will attempt to keep this short by submitting the following:

Compaq PC/2.5GHz/512MB RAM/80GB HD
NEC ND-2510A with firmware version 2.15
NERO Software V6.3.1.17 (latest demo version)
NERO Vision Express 2
In CD not installed
DMA enabled/Region 1 set in Device Manager
DVD Writer configured to Master on secondary IDE channel
Secondary IDE channel properties indicates device is using Untra DMA Mode 2
Utilizing Verbatim DVD+R (RICOH JPN RO1)/Imation DVD+R (CMC Magnetics
Corp RO1)/Verbatim DVD+RW (Mitsubishi Chemical AO1)

Using NERO Vision 2 Express, I selected “add video files” from a previously installed movie (I recorded in a stand alone RCA DVD+ recorder and installed it on my hard drive and filed in NERO Recode 7)

In preview window the movie previews perfectly with both video and audio

In the burn options window I chose burn to ND-2510A

In recording speed I chose “Max” (other options were 2x 3324KB/2x 2770KB and 1x 1385KB.

When I burned the disc it took 18 minutes for “creating menus and transcoding streams” and 2 minutes to “burn project”.

When finished, the software indicated burn was successful

When I played the disc back on the PC, there was audio but no video on the burned disc

When I played the disc back on a stand alone DVD+ player there was neither video nor audio

I feel that somewhere I missed a giant step but I tried to cover all the bases before attempting to use the writer

I apologize for the length of this query but I tried to give all pertinent information that would prove helpful in solving this problem

Can someone please tell me where I went wrong, otrher than attempting this project? Thanking you in advance for any assistance. floridadave

Seems like other people have reported that this drive has problems - have a look at the comments.

Anyway, try burning using DVD-R and see if that makes a difference.

Yeah Hastey is correct a lot of people are complaining about this drive burning poorly. You could be doing something wrong with the encoding. Just answer me this please, if you put the DVD in your computer and try to play it, what happens?

When I try playing the disc in my PC I get audio but no video…When I play it in a stand alone DVD+ player I get absolutely nothing.

When I previewed it in my project window before burning it played perfectly.

Then there must be something wrong with the file itself.

I agree there must be something wrong with the encoding / burning if the disc doesn’t play right in your PC.

Have a look through these tutorials to see if any of these makes life easier or clearer for you.