No video just sound wehn playedo n hme dvd

ok i had a backed up dvd put it on hardrive burnt it on nero 7 it played perfect.

today i tryed to do a dvd of another file whcih is 1.54gb. it burnt then i opened the cd on the computer the file size was only 300mb or something, shouldnt it be 3.14gb like nero said?

ok neway i put it in the dvd player, title menu background music on the title screen comes up fine. i press play no video just freezes at main menu and sound carries on playing

is it the avi file? because it plays fine on the computer

btw i want it to play on the home dvd and i said the first one i burnt actually worked properly.

try using a program like dvdfabdycrptor and then use nero to burn it im sure you wont need to shrink it

i dnt need to shrink it. its already Avi. so i just gtta burn it on nero 7. but wen i do the dvd freezes at title screen but i can still hear the sound, no video though

ok then what i do is use nerovision to convert the avi to a dvd format and then have nero burn it
to me it seems like you need to redo the avi and get things sorted out
i have had one like that and redid it thru nervision and it sorted it all out

is there any walkthrough to do that. invea done htat before.

easy walkthru…

hey just load nerovision and its basically self explanitory takes les then 5 mins to figure it out

kl ill try 2day

i converted it and its now i ndvd format.
now when i burn it and play it works. but at one pointi n the dd hte sound goes out of sync.
hw do i fix this??

I use Nero and have a similar problem. When this occurrs I switch to a VSO program that converts AVI to MPEG.