No vbr option in virtualdub when using lame mp3 codec

Please help… I am using VirtualDub (latest ver.) and i installed the latest LAME MP3 codec. My problem is when i go to the compression setting, i only see CBR or ABR… No VBR.

I have a pic to explain…



And nice guy that I am, I’ll ask you, ‘Why would you [I]want [/I]to put VBR audio in an AVI? search around these forums and I’ m sure you’ll see plenty of posts about VBR audio causing synch problems. That might even be the reason it’s not offered.

ok so i should go with abr instead? thanks

also, i didn’t know which forum i woulg get an answer in so instead of guessing i just posted in three. which i now know is against the rules and it won;t happen again…

Yes, at least ABR will synch up most of the time. personally I’d use CBR.

I’d use CBR too. :slight_smile:

Yeah, personally, I go with 128kbps CBR for movies. The audio quality isn’t the greatest, but I figure video quality is more important for this kind of project.
For concert DVDs, on the other hand, I’ll go with 192kbps – not just because the audio is more important here, but because the sound of applause can be difficult for MP3 to handle.