No Translation text on screen with DVDFab

I just came upon a problem with DVDFab V and are unable to find an answer. In November of 2004 I purchased the movie A Bridge to Far and desided to back it up with DVDD and DVDShrink on to a S/L disc . I re-authored the film in DVDShrink for main movie only and for the audio AC3 2ch and subpicture in english and burned it with Nero V 6 at 8x speed on a memorex disc. I then put both discs away. Last week I got the urge to see the film so out came the back up copy and into my Pana DMR-E75 standalone. The presentation played great for 3/4 of the movie. Then it happened pixel and freeze. I took it out kind of tee’ed off and played it in my port DVD player. Same spot on disc pixel and freeze. So now I assume it’s because I burned it at 8x. So today I deside to pull out the original and back it up again with DVDFab v in movie only and then back up with shrink with audio AC3.2ch and subtitle in english. Now for the problem I went to play it back and when ever the german soldiers speak in their laungage I get no translation text at the bottom of my screen. After spending several hours making discs I stumbled across the problem . I could not use DVDFab in movie only format some how that eliminates all translation text. I had to make a full disc copy and then use DVDShrink to eliminate all the extras and then the disc played correctly with translation text showing when the german soldiers spoke. Any one have this problem or can anyone explain why this happened ?

This had been a topic of discussion here recently. :slight_smile: See and read this: There seem to be different ways these things are encoded and controlled. Inquiring minds want to know. Don’t think the problem in unique to DVDFab; I’ve had Shrink fail to identify forced “translation subtitles” too.