No Taiyo Yuden DVD+R 8x for the future?!



Ok, i’ve got a few minutes ago some ‘insider’ infos from a local store, there wouldn’t be any YUDEN000 T02’s for the future, and that Taiyo Yuden totally changed over to the 16x media. When i look back in the last time it’s maybe right, it’s hard to find them at least here in europe. Well there are at the moment some shops which are offering perhaps the last discs they’ve in stock.
Not that i don’t like the T03’s but personally to me it’s very fast to take them out of program. Any comments or anybody knows something about that?


Fortunately I’ve just bought 125 , bringing my stock to 200 so I’m OK for the moment.


I thought the same i’ll order these days some more so that it will be enough for a time.


A big, important local store?


Sorry but no bigger comment. :wink:
Only i know there are good conditions to distributors/resellers, so that i think the time will comin soon that you can’t get more TY 8x media. Exactly when is another thing.


It’s to be expected. The disc manufacturers are moving from 8x to 16x; in fact many have done so already.


Well I think it’s time for me to get a couple of cases of Unbranded YUDEN000 T02 and TYG02 just in case this happens soon.:eek:


Please do, buy up all the T02 stock. Then we can finally see some T03 in the USA. :wink:


So you can save a whopping 1-2 minutes per burn. :smiley: Seriously, the 8x TY media as a whole tends to fair better than the 16x at this point. Not to mention that they are cheaper (and will be significantly cheaper, if they are going to be clearing them out). I for one will definitely be stocking up on the 8x TYG02 before they clear it out.


I’ve found 3 onlinshops in europe, a sure source for YUDEN media no more T02’s and this is now for more than 2 weeks. They’ve TYG03, TYG02 and T03. Damn
i’ll need to find at least 200 or 300 maybe overseas on the u.s. market.


Here’s a couple in the UK with some 8x still in stock, the first one still has 4x or so they say.

@Jester, surely the quaity will improve if they focus on 16x, this plus firmware update may solve the problems some have with 16x media. Maybe they are concentrating on one speed for monetary reasons.


@ JayC30
Thanks! :wink:
Will try that out, i hear only good comments about svp.


:iagree: :iagree: :iagree:


I can’t comment on either as I can’t shop online. They are just the two I have heard about.