No supported DVD-Recorders were detected on your system

I have a JLMS XJ-HD166S DVD Drive which I think has been malfunctioning ever since I purchased my computer over a year ago. I have never used it much, and it works fine for DVDs I buy at stores, but I cannot burn any of my own. I have Roxio unfortunately and whenever I try to record, the error message says: No supported DVD-Recorders were detected on your system. I hate this thing; I just got it to work with DVDs burned on other computers by doing a check disk because I got “Cyclic Redundancy Check” errors. It also takes a couple of minutes to settle down after putting a blank DVD in it. It is supposed to work with both +R and -R and I have -Rs and am about to go Office Space on this thing.

Uh, the JLMS XJ-HD166S is a very fine DVD-rom drive. It only reads DVDs, it does not record them.