No subtitles with DVDFab



As discussed previously (in an alternate thread), I have been experiencing a problem with my attempts to use DVDFab (v. Beta and 5.0.7.x versions) when I create .wmv files for a Zune. (In my case, I will use my PDA for playback but the problem occurs before I even get the file to the player.)

I’m trying to convert movies from my DVD’s (store-bought, Region 1) to (320x240) .wmv files and I do want the subtitles. Although I can get them when I do the (lower quality) 1-pass encoding, I want a better result so I’ve been using the (higher quality) 2-pass encoding. Unfortunately, the subtitles don’t show up. I’ve tried multiple DVD’s (Rounders, For Love Of The Game, Life As A House, The Mission. etc.) as well as multiple computers (all running Windows XP w/ Service Pack 2) but nothing seems to help.

I’d like to specifically thank fellow cdfreaks member “maineman” for his efforts as he ran a test and verified on his own system that his output .wmv file also lacked the subtitles. This seems to indicate a software problem.

In my communication with DVDFab customer service, I was told that the problem would be forwarded to their tech team and I should look for an updated version. However, that was when I was using 5.0.7.x versions and, so far, the Beta 5.0.8.x versions haven’t seemed to fix it yet.

I also appreciate the response from user and DVDFab co-author “Ting” who indicated that he’s looking into it as well. Once the problem is fixed, I hope that a comment about it is made in the “what’s new” list for that version so we don’t keep trying with versions that don’t take care of it.


Ting is the person who receives the emails you’ve sent to customer service and will be the one that fixes this.



I got it, when this bug be fixed, I will add this into “what’s new”.



I’m comforted to know that it’s not just me and my computer hardware. And more than that, I GREATLY appreciate you taking the time to help which will allow me to enjoy the benefits of your program.

It’s not just a great program…it’s great service as well.