No subtitles when playing a .MKV file in MPC HC

Hi all,

I m new here on this forum but I have a question concerning subtitles with a .MKV file when playing this file in Media Player Classic Home Cinema.

When I play a .WMV file the subtitles are showed when I start playing the file, so this works ok.

However, when playing a .MKV file the MPC HC does not show subtitles at all while I m sure the the .MKV file has build in Dutch subtitles.

I m using the latest version of MPC HC with all internal filters DISabled. I have the latest version of AC3 filter installed and also the latest Haali Media Splitter.

In the settings field of the Haali Media Splitter field under Languages, the options ‘Subtitles language priority’ and ‘Audio and Subtitle languages’ there is nothing filled in here. (Maybe it has something to do with this?)

In the settings of MPC HC I use the following:
Under Playback=>DVD/OGM I have set Subtitles to Dutch(Nederlands)
Under Output I m using VMR9 for Directshow, Direct X 9 for Realmedia and Quicktime video, enabled direct 3D fullscreen and enabled VMR9 Mixer Mode.

I also use Reclock. Tried to disable this to see if reclock is the problem but it is not the problem.

What could this be/what am I doing wrong?

Hope you guys here have some suggestions/ a solution.

Thanks for now and sorry for my bad English.

I have not fully succeeded to AUTOplay the disired subtitles of a .mkv file with MPC HC.

I installed VSFilter, but figured out that the VSFilter is not the required filter for me (at least, not for the .mkv files that I use). I found out that when I rightclick my mouse when a .mkv is playing I get to see the filters that are used. The last line when clicking on filters shows the MAP where the .mkv file is installed. Clicking on this line shows up another menu where I can select the disired audiotrack and subtitle (in my case ‘Dutch’) and then MPC HC shows the subtitles fine. But the problem is that I want to AUTOLOAD the Dutch subtitles (because I use the anit-tearing option of MPC HC edition). I think this should be possible but like to know how.

thanks for all help.

ps. autoload subtitles in MPC HC settings setting ON/OFF doesn t make any diff.