No Subtitles After DVD to PSP With DVDFab



Im using DVDFab Platinum 3055. Im trying to convert my movies to the psp and actually the job is done excellent, just the problem that substitles are not appearing, and yes, i pick them in the list of subpicture–>language–>extension area.


You also must be sure that “Direct Render to Video” shows in the lower right corner of the 2nd page, after you click next.
Just tried “The Illusionist”:


Thanks to reply, the option is always chosen automatically.


You are of course correct, it appears automatically in PSP mode and is the default in the others. My point was that if there is nothing in the pulldown box, that is if the words are missing, it is an indication that something either went wrong in the analysis or no subpicture stream was selected, so always look to see if it is there. :slight_smile: No PSP to test with here :frowning: , but as you can see from my earlier post, the subtitles do appear, at least when played back on RealPlayer. Try the new beta, maybe that will help…