No split disable for VOB passthrough


I now seem to be unable to choose “no split” when using VOB passthrough. I’m sure I’ve done it before as I have a collection of VOBs larger that 2Gb. Now when I choose VOB passthrough, I only get to choose 1 or 2 Gb files. Any ideas?


Upgrade to the new version. It has options for 1,2,4, split by chapter and no split. Works great, used it earlier today on a 5.7 GB rip to a single file.

I thought was the latest version, it only upgraded itself today?

[quote=mmmix;1953597]I thought was the latest version, it only upgraded itself today?[/quote]It is the most recent “stable” version, there are two beta versions that are newer. The latest is, which you can download from the first post in the Release Announcement thread here in the forum. The “check for updates” feature only looks for the latest stable release, but the betas often have fixes and updates.

OK, I took and it’s the same in there.

How big are the original VOBs? Here’s what mine looks like:

They’re all original DVDs, so they’re all 1Gb chunks. I only seem to be seeing the first 2 of 5 menu options…

I completely uninstalled and reinstalled after wiping the registry and all 5 menus have returned. It must have been a left over after it upgraded itself. Thanks for the help!

OK, this is definitely a bug. I just registered the copy with my key, and the other choices are gone again. There’s something screwy happening.

Very strange. Do you have any other version installed? I don’t think I’ve ever seen this before.

I did have some old files left behind but I think I cleaned everything up OK. I cleaned the registry as best I could…


What format is your taget disk ? when your harddisk format is FAT16, which will only allow split 1GB or 2GB.

If it is NTFS, then not any limit …

I should have thought of that.:eek: Thanks Ting.

All my volumes are NTFS

Wow, and here I was all glad and happy we knew why this happened!:slight_smile: I have not tried the new release yet. I’ll mess around with it some and see if I can duplicate what you are seeing.

Just to get closure on this, I have figured it out finally. It was (I guess) user error not a bug.
Although it was true to say that my volumes are NTFS, I was accessing them over a network. This applied the 1 or 2Gb limit as I assure it couldn’t detect the type. Once I saved to the local drive, the limits were removed. I will therefore have to work locally and then copy. Shame to have to do the two steps, but problem solved. Many thanks for all the assistance!