No speach when playing a dvd

Could anyone help me with the following problem: Just installed a Pc with Windows XP home Edition. Pc is Installed with a brandnew motherboard Asus
A7N8X-X socket A with AMD-2600 processor. Videocard :Asus V999LE (Geforce 6800 LE 128 MB). Problem is: When i play a DVD The music of the picture can be heard loud and clear, but when people are talking you can hear all sounds BUT the talking. Can anybody tell me whats wrong?

You have to downmix to stereo sound.

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Are you using onboard sound card or an external audio card? I have a similar problem with a Creative audigy 2 ZS and I’ve not found any solution to this. My hypothesis is a defective driver, but updates don’t solved the problem.

Sometime a reboot solve the problem, but many times don’t solve.

  1. What is the brand of your sound card?
  2. What software do you use for DVD playback?

I can only repeat myself: the typical symptoms reflect that sound is distributed through more than two channels, i.e. if you set it to two speakers/stereo (called downmixing) you will here all sounds as they are downmixed to two channels.

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Hope that you was referring to me.

I have a creative audigy 2 ZS; for playback I use powerdvd 5.
My speakers are Creative Cambridge Soundworks 4.1.

No downmix selected; my system is set to work in multichannel.

When I try to test sound, front left and front right speakers sounds at the same time, and not individually; rear speaker don’t give problems (they play individually). This problem appear fortuitously, without any apparent cause. Cable connections are correct. Don’t know what can be the problem :confused:

Moreover, this speaker system don’t have any headphone jack; so I’m forced to insert headphone on the same jack of front speakers (with a splitter cable). Sometimes front speakers plays (with the above problem), whereas headphones don’t give any sound :confused: :confused: :confused:

Sometimes a reboot solve the problem, but most of the times don’t.