No sound



I’m trying to back up my copy of “You Got Served”. I’m using dvd shrink and then I burn with nero like I’ve been doing for the past 6 months. It burned fine but when I put the movie in to look at it, there was no sound. I went back into dvd shrink and did looked at the movie in the re-author mode. The movie that I selected had sound and everything. But when I save the files on the computer, they have no sound. So I then saved the entire movie instead of re-author. Left all of the settings to default and I still have no sound on my .vob files. It’s saying that there is an RCE decryption of some sort. (Never seen this before) Then you have to pick your region for the dvd. But i’m wondering why there is no sound in my saved .vob files? Can anyone help me?


i don’t know what to say about the no sound problem, but you might want to try using dvd decrypter to rip the dvd if it has RCE protection (i’m not sure how dvdshrink handles RCE, if it does at all).