No sound!




I`m relatively new to all this,but heres the main problem.

I use dvd decrypter to decrypt and recode to burn but when I do
I get no sound!
The weird thing is , the first couple I did worked out perfect.
Ive been trying since then,tho,and get no sound;just the previews,etc.have sound but not the main movie!
Ive been told that I could be missing the dolby 5.1 audio plugin needed,but if thats the case,why did the first ones come out ok?

Ive also tried reinstalling,but to no avail.
The movie plays sound when I save to my hard drive,but as soon as I use recode,nada.

On my hard drive,theres only a videots,not an audiots(although
thats usually empty anyways)

When I import movie in recode,and click on main movie,do I check the box for the type of audio I want (dolby 5.1,surround,2channel
etc.)or does that come up automatically?

Any help would be appreciated!


You shuld select the audiostreams you want. At least one must be checked/selected.