No sound

I am having a prob trying to make a “full” back-up of up in smoke tour. I am ripping with dvddecrypter and i have tried with smartripper as well. I compressed with dvd95copy and when i go to burn i get the dvd but no sound. i also get the nero reallocation error(which i addressed on another tread) prior to the burn and i just wondered if you think this had something to do with it?


Try the Decrypt/DVD2one/Nero route,and check the AC3 box in DVD2One. Also try the method you did before,paying special attention to whatever sound specifics the software asks for. Lastly,check to see that all is correct in your playback arena. You may have missed something…Good Luck :cool:

thanks rob i got it. Actually the dvd is automatically played in stereo. went to the menu set-up and changed over to DD5.1 and everything played just fine!