No sound



I can play music cd’s,and see a movie play but have no sound durning the movie,So what is wrong there? Thank-you for your time.
Sincerly,Linda S.


Hello Linda, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

You hear your Audio CDs OK, but get no sound from movies (I’m guessing you’re talking about movie DVDs and not movie files such as .avi etc).

If you are talking about movie files, does the problem occur on all movie files, or just a select few? If so, the files themselves may be the problem.

Lastly, what player are you using to view your movies? I personally use the free VLC - you might like to give that a go, and see if it makes a difference. :slight_smile:


Microsoft media player is the one on my computer,and yes i’m talking DVD movies.This dvd-rw -dvr-111d isn’t on this computer I’m using to ask this is on another that isn’t hooked up to the internet.So how do i fix it or can i.


Depending on what version of Media Player you’re using, you may need to download a codec to play a DVD movie disc properly. If this is the case and one is needed, Media Player usually lets you know this via an error message (you may have to click “Details”).

All this is from memory though, as I use VLC - personally I’d recommend giving that a go, as it’ll also play most other multimedia files as well, without the need for extra codecs.

EDIT: If you’re getting sound from audio CDs, then your sound card etc is properly set up, so the only culprit I can see is Media Player. :slight_smile:


As an alternative, if you want to stick to Video for Windows players, you may wish to install a codec pack, such as:

If you want to play videos recorded by mobile phones, your only choice may be the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack -

(Technical reason: Many mobile phones record in AMR sound format, but the codec is not very widespread, and K-Lite Mega Codec Pack includes it though.)

Do not install multiple codec packs at the same time as they may interfere. If you wish to try another, I recommend uninstalling the old codec pack first.