No sound

Upon trying to copy one of my Blu-ray discs using the Main movie option instead of the Full disc, the resulting render contains no audio even though the DTS option is chosen before render. It renders only the video stream with no sound. Any ideas?


If you open the ripped files with DVDFab, does it show audio?

yes, it does. It shows the video and DST audio listed and the audio even plays but only in DVDFab. The problem seems to be that neither Nero Showtime or PowerDVD will play the audio, only video.

Some versions of PC player software require a plugin (extra$) for DTS. Some standalones just won’t do it.

Well then DVDFab did it’s job.
You need to check out your other programs and find out what codecs you need. The versions of your other programs may simply not support DTS.

1 second too late.

Thank you, it seems I don’t have the DTS plug-in installed on either program. Your replies are much appreciated:)