No sound

hi everyone,

hoping someone can shed some light on a problem I’m having.

I’m using dvd fab platnium, after burning a movie to disc using dvdfab, i get no sound when playing back on computer with any media player. i previously had
dvd shrink, nero 6, dvd decrypter install on the computer. I do get sound when
playing dvd on my dvd to tv hookup. i’m using windows xp pro with all the latest

oh, volume controls etc. are okay.

any input would be greatfully apreciated.


Are you copying DVD to DVD or DVD to Mobile? Is the audio track DTS or AC-3? Some players do not support DTS.

I’m not sure I’m understanding you…
The bkup disc plays fine (video and audio) on your standalone player (connected to your tv).
This same disc, when viewed with any software player on your pc, does not have any audio…period.
What media players are you using?..missing codecs?

Please try[B] VLC [/B]media player…link in my sig. It does not rely on outside codecs.

I’m coping dvd to dvd.
I downloaded and installed the xp codecs package
and that did the trick.

Thanks signals and maineman:)