No Sound

I’m trying to copy a dvd to generic, ipod file. When using Windows Media Player or QT, the video will play fine, but no sound at all.


Hi ddean. Are you making these files to play on your PC or on an iPod? If you are doing the conversions for playback on a PC, try a different profile from the dropdown list at the top of the Configure page. Try Generic (Xvid+aac) or the one below it that produces MP3 audio) which will create an AVI file that WMP should have no trouble playing. VLC media player, a free application, also works well with these files.

I have the exact same problem as the original poster. I used Generic, gave the Source as a DVD on my hard disk drive, gave it a target folder. It ripped it to xvid fine, video looks great but no sound at all. I am now testing the mp3 profile instead of xvid to see if I get audio. Will post results shortly.

Any ideas on this issue?



Using MP3 for audio worked fine, sound was good. It is odd that generic gives no sound, I wonder why.


I used to have this problem before I installed VLC Media Player and ffdshow. Ffdshow also made WMP play everything without problems with the audio or A/V sync issues. Find a post by my good friend maineman, he has a link to the VLC free download site in his sig. /EDIT/ Links for VLC and ffdshow in post #6

You are probably missing a codec. See my other post (#5). We were typing at the same time. Glad the MP3 worked out for you.:slight_smile:

/EDIT/ Here’s the link for VLC Media Player and here’s the one for ffdshow