No sound



bought DVDFab picture is ok but no sound. :sad: help :bow:



:confused: , please give us more information about your problem ?

the problem is in file which converted by mobile function ? or other problem ?


I didn’t have a problem with sound when I rip a dvd to mpeg2, but when I convert the dvd I ripped in the harddrive to “generic” (dvd mobile) to make it smaller (xvid), I don’t get any sound at all?

I wonder, do I need an extra plugin to make this work?





I think need correct audio decode filter to play it. maybe you can try to download and install a directshow filter “ffdshow”. I think that will help you play the sound correctly.


I have the same problem with generic, and have ffdshow installed. thats what brought me here. hope someone can help. love dvd fab


don’t know but am told I need a dvd codec.


sorry guy’s I’m running XP Pro am trying to watch movie with media player. Have the newest player ( think is 11 ). I now have sound on the dvd on TV. just no sound on computer. I dwnld a CinePlayer there I have sound but no picture.


Hey I got it fixed. I downloaded a program called ffdshow, is free just do a serch. Now am watching dvd in media player and sounds great. Thanks to all that helped


It didnt work for me :sad: , anyone got any ideas


I have XP PRO and WMP 11. I have audio on Everything (DVDs, encoded movies, MP3s, etc. with no problem.
Just when I encode using the Mobile Generic Setting in Platinum --> get no audio on rendered file. BUG?


I’m having the same problem and I downloaded “ffdshow”. I don’t even know if I’m using it right. Any help please?


All you should have to do is allow ffdshow to install. If you are using WMP to try and play files, I would also suggest that you download and install the (free) VLC media player. Here is a link courtesy of my friend maineman:VLC Player. Post again here if this does not help. If you are using an older version of DVDFab, you should also upgrade to the newest release,, which you can download from the release announcement near the top of the forum thread list.


VLC works great for playing generic xvid+mp3 encodes that loose sound on a fast forward (this is being worked on, so hang on to ya boots), you can also use VirtualDub to correct the problem and the movie will then work on WMP11 / PowerDVD etc, as long as you have an xvid codec installed… :slight_smile:


Dear all,

Please try DVDFab to see the result. The new version can create AVI file < 2GB without sound problem. For AVI file > 2GB, please wait for future release.

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hello all,

I’m having a similar problem with ‘no sound’. The difference for me is that it was working perfectly until about a week ago. I haven’t made any system changes or installed anything new. I’m hoping someone can help, here are some symptoms:

  • It was working great. I’ve created ISO files and generic AVI files without any issues. All previous projects still play perfectly.

  • When I create new ISO file or AVI file, DVDFAB reports success. Picture is great, but no sound.

  • I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled all the things I can think would cause an issue. DVDFAB 3108, Media Player 9 (I’m running w2k) and Nero 7. I’v also tried the latest release of DVDFAB.

I’m at a loss for ideas, I hope someone can help!



Maybe try to restore to before the problem started.


Make a short test (1 or 2 chapters) from a DVD to a HDD folder (IFO/VOB, not ISO) and see if that will play with sound on your PC. If it does try encoding this short test (use the VIDEO_TS folder from the HDD) to an AVI and see if that will play. Use Customize mode to make this test rip and select the No Menus button. In the audio window, you will see a small green arrow (on the far left) pointing to one of the audio streams. Make sure it is the correct one (this is the default audio that will be automatically selected by the player or player software). You can change the default audio by clicking above or below the green arrow to make it point to a different audio stream. Let us know how this works out and what results you get.


Both tests worked perfectly. I was able to play the VOB in Nero and the AVI in Nero and Media player. Both the audio and video were perfect!


Hey, allright!:slight_smile: Don’t know why the ISO-sourced AVIs are messed up. Maybe this will be a good alternative for you. Don’t forget if you want both a DVD backup and an AVI for a PVP, if you UNcheck the box in Common Settings that automatically deletes the temp file you can rip the AVI from that–much faster than reading and decrypting again from the original DVD.


Thanks for your help! But I’m a little confused about how to get a full dvd backup to ISO this way. Do I follow the same steps I used for the test but select all the chapters? Then convert the VOB to ISO? What about the menus? Sorry, I’m a bit of a clueless newbie. :slight_smile: