No sound

:sad: copied roadhouse dvd with dvdfab picture is fine but no sound. also what is difference between dvd 5 and dvd 9. also what is remove DTS audio. If you haven’t guessed by now this is my first :o All help and sugestions welcome. thank you :bow:

i havent used dvdfab in quite some time but maybe you should check the audio section of the program and make sure you check the particular audio you want…

dvd 5 is a single layer dvd(4.37 gb’s)…dvd-9 is a dual layer dvd(8.5 gb’s)…all the backups you make in dvdfab and put on 1 disc are dvd-5’s

DTS audio(digital theatre sound…i think)…is high end audio in some dvd’s…i always blank it out as 5.1 Dolby Digital(DD)…to me…sounds close to the same and is half the size