No sound

I have a movie which is listed as a DVD rip.avi but there is no sound. Sound works on my computer as other movies are fine but this one just has no sound.

Any ideas?


You may not have the right decoder for the audio stream that is encoded in the avi file. Use a tool like GSpot to identify the codec.

I downloaded that program and it is saying
"Codec is installed" in Audio

Wave Format AC3

I also tried “rendering” and got a message that “some of the streams in this movie are in an unsupported format”

Which program do you use for playing .avi files? You can try installing a DirectShow AC3 Filter and see if it makes any difference. I use and recommend Media Player Classic, VLC Media Player or Nero ShowTime for all my media files and DVDs.


try download “[U]K-Lite Mega Codec Pack[/U]” [B]last version[/B].

Download Link.

good Luck

Thanks both of you for your help. Please bear with me as I am quite new to this. Assuming I can get sound, can I then burn to a DVD and it will play on a home type DVD player outside of a computer?

Thanks again.


I have used Windows Media Plaeyer and Real Player. Both work well with my other movies.

_Just set up the AC3 codec properly. Depending on what player you are using, you should normally be able to change the settings when running the movie.

I perfer Zoomplayer and VLC. :cool: