No Sound

I bought a NEC 3540A. It replaced a Sony CD RW unit. I also have a NEC 2500 installed as slave. After I installed the NEC 3540 I lost all the sound. I have checked the connections, The new drive is set as master and in system settings it says all sound devices are working properly. I tried unplugging the sound connection from the new drive and rebooted–still no sound. Help.

What do u mean by there is no sound? Are u playing a dvd or cd and there is no sound or there is no sound at all, like gaming with no sound.
If there is no sound at all, have u checked if ur speakers are not on mute cuz that happend to me once.
Is ur sound card a pci card or it is included on ur mother board? If it is a pci card then u should have am installation cd, pop it in a give it a shot.

I tried a movie dvd on both drives with no luck. The sound is on board. Since both of the DVD drives are OEM I didn’t get any software with them. Is it possible that I need to install sound software?

Sorry I wasted peoples time. It was a stupid mistake. When I installed the drives I accidently disconected the speakers. Babychar2002’s comment about the sound made me re check the connection. Thanks for the info.

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