No sound when playing dvd



I have recently purchased various parts for our home server-computer. The DVD-re-writer that I purchased as my main optical drive, is the DW1620, I also have an Asus k8n-e deluxe AI series motherboard. I have found that I can play CD’s directly through the optical drive, and they play fine; however, when I try to play a DVD, the video displays correctly but I cannot recieve sound from any program (Nero that came with the drive, Windows Media Player, InterActual Player, and I recently installed your Benq Qvideo drivers, yet with no luck). The sound program/drivers that are currently installed are the “Sound Effect” Asus drivers with sound configuration program, yet even it yields no results with sound. The DVD function is the only property of your player where I have found no ability to play sound.


you need an AC3 codec installed would be my guess.
Installing a software DVD player will also do the trick


Thanks so much. That did the trick. I cannot understand why a brand new burner would not come with it but whatever, it worked.