No Sound when converting MPEG to DVD using Winavi 8.0


I am new to conversions and all. I have 6.7 GB of video split across 25 MPEG files which I wanted to burn to a DVD.

I tried Adobe Premiere Elements 4.0 but to no avail (it hangs while indexing the files).

I googled a lot and got to know that Winavi 8.0 can do this with ease. So I downloaded it, chose AnyToDVD option, selected all the 25 MPEG files and got it going.

The conversion took little more than an hour. When I played the DVD folder that Winavi had created using VLC Media Player, the video played fine; however, there was no audio.

I am really at my wit’s end with this. Can somebody guide/help me please?

What are the audio specs? Use G-spot to determine the codec[s] needed to play…

If Winavi (yikes!) had done it’s job properly VLC would play it…

FAVC,ConvertxtoDVD, DVDFlick, Avidemux…

Likely a conversion issue. Try a different/better app as noted above.