No sound when burnt

Im kind of new to nero and I just got this dvd off a guy for my girlfriend (Its nothing illegal, its some arty stuff) and there were 2 disks to it.

Disk 1 plays fine with perfect pic and sound quality. Disk 2 however does not. The picture is fine but there is no sound. I used Nero 7 recoder while i was playing around and there is a 320mb audio file on the disk which i imagine is the audio I need.

Does anyone know of a way to extract this and then overlay it onto the video footage so I can burn it myself??

I know this probably all sounds like garbage but I really need help as the guy i got it from seems to have dissapeared (Suprise suprise)

If you have any suggestions add me on msn or email me with them

Much appreciated


Does the original copy you got have sound? What Nero version are you using? Welcome to the forum.

Just install a proper codec or filter for audio.
Is suggest AC3filter as a start.

I use Nero 7.

The original copy he had does have sound and even on the intro menu of disk 2 there is sound but when the actual main feature starts it’s just silence.

Im just assuming that the 320mb file is the audio im after as I can’t imagine intro music would be so big as its on a loop after about 25 seconds.

I’ll try the filter suggested and see if that works

Thanks for the quick responses guys

Just downloaded the AC3filter and I have no clue what to do here, lol

To install, just double click the icon.

Or you can try playing it with VLC.

VLC is self contained and doesn’t rely on outside codecs.

The dvd may be incorrectly authored though, so you might have to rebuild it with an authoring program. Assuming that the 320mb file actually plays.