No sound on stand-alone dvd-player



I succesfully burned a movie on a DVD+RW disc. Both screenplay and sound work perfectly on two computers I tried it on. When I try to play it on a ‘normal’ DVD-player however, it only shows the screenplay with no sound (the player works fine, tried it on other dvd’s)!!

I used instructions for burning described on this site (used solution B):

I’ve been driving myself crazy figuring out what I did wrong, hope you can help!!



Try this

In Nero, open the disc info screen (it’s the icon with the ‘i’ in front of a cd) and see if you have a “change book type” button. If so then check dvd-rom and press ok. Nero will change the disc to look like a dvd-rom and not a dvd+rw.

If that does not work then it might be either your dvd player does not like dvd+rw discs (like my old dvd player) or it could be the audio is not encoded to the right bitrate.

I use TMPGEnc DVD Author as this will tell you if he video or audio do not meet the standard (using your guide, use this except for ifoedit).